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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just getting started

For as long as I remember I have always been playing with cards. My father loved to play card games with me as a child and would never take it easy, he enjoyed winning regardless of who he was facing and as I grew the competitive nature grew with me. For the most part we played Crazy Eights, Draw Poker and Euchre. I continued playing into my teens during lunch at high school, but it didn't take me long to become good and beat anyone at any game. It came from experience... I learned the skills behind the cards, the math, the reads, the percentages. I payed close attention to everyone I would play with. Reactions, type of plays, bets, emotions all taught me what to look for, what they meant and how to out play them to win. I played these games for fun, little did I know that I was training myself to become successful playing cards for more than just pride.

I discovered holdem before it's big boom in 2000 when it exploded over television networks and major online sites were born. Everyone loved to play poker, my friends especially. My first games were home games that I had no idea what to expect going into. My first game I easily walked away a winner and made a nice profit, I didn't think much of it until the next week when I did exactly the same. It was then that I realized their way something here more than just entertainment. Playing with friends was fun but not nearly the challenge I was looking for.

During University I took a summer job at a local casino dealing and supervising table games. The job was demanding and long hours but it was not just the work that I was interested in. I watched first hand people of all types playing the games I had come to love. Professionals, amateurs, celebrities and addicts all came to play at my tables. Dealing so many hands and seeing so many faces gave me a first hand view of the real game. I saw everything the game had to offer and what it did to the players; the ups and downs, issues of addiction the regulars went through everyday, excitement of winning, sadness of losing, but overall how to play the right way to become successful. While working at the casino I had taken an interest to one of my co-workers who told me that she played in a poker league herself. She invited me to join her at a league game which I was very happy to say yes to. It was first experience playing with a large group and I was nervous as I had ever been. The game lasted many hours, I met many new friends and in the end walked away the victor, I was ecstatic.

I continued to play in the league and do so to this day, I have many good friends there and always enjoy it. The people I met turned out to be my gateway to bigger tournaments and cash games. A couple of them invited me to my first ever major tournament being held at a local casino, a $300 buy-in with about 90 runners. I ended up winning the tournament! The greatest accomplishment at the time of my young career.

Today I continue to play live games, bigger tournaments and have started to play online as I work my way to become a professional poker player. I have begun to understand the different play that is involved online but in the end tho I am at my best live where I have won most tournaments.

Aside from everything else I want to thank you for taking an interest in my blog and hope to inform and entertain you along the way. I will be writing about my experiences, knowledge of the game and my journey to becoming a professional.

Thanks again.

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