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Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's been a while.. Time to catch up!

It has been a long time since my last post and so much has happened. Personally there has not been any huge scores or big events played but I have been playing some great poker as of late. I have really polished my game based on some of my previous posts on how I should get better. This has allowed me to make the right adjustments to my game and I'm continuing to get better. So far in 2012 I have an ROI of almost 150% and some nice profits to show both online and live. I'm still looking to improve even more and hopefully play some larger tournaments over the summer.

Looking back at 2011 it was overall an alright year for me but was an amazing year for some of my poker friends and fellow players. It was very exciting to watch others having success and wanted to say a big congrats to Xuan Liu for taking down third at the EPT San Remo, Ted Safranko for nice scores at the Seneca Deepstack and Venetian events, Greg Hartwick for taking down a WSOP circuit event and the biggest of all to Kirk Caldwell for winning event #32 of the 2011 WSOP!!

2012 has provided more excitement! Earlier in the year Xuan took down another 3rd at the PCA ME along with Steve Tripp who took down second a smaller PCA event and just last week at the FPC in Niagara, Ashley Cheung took down a nice score in the 2.5k and Steve Tripp reached the ft this years 1k event. It's certainly exciting to watch people you know and play with do so well. We certainly have a very good group of players.

Looking at my piers success and knowing how well I can do is inspiring me to take more risks and really focus on building a bankroll which will allow me to play larger tournaments this year. If I keep playing as well as I am I will be heading to the WSOP and many other tournaments. Hopefully I will see many of you there.

The Ninja.

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